Dispute Resolution Inc.

I am a facilitative mediator. I don’t try to steer the conversation or process in any direction, nor do I offer opinions on who might be right or what the best choices might be. Rather, I facilitate a mutual search for the best available answer that both sides can agree on. I am the optimist in the room. I know that the mediation process can work for the parties in a dispute if they give it a chance, even if they do so reluctantly. I take the role of a mediator very seriously. I am honored that people will allow me to offer them a structure, a process, for resolving a dispute that may be quite emotional, may involve significant financial and personal consequences. I defend that process by being neutral, unbiased, and facilitative.

Approved By:

  • American Arbitration Association
  • Delaware County Common Pleas Court
  • Delaware County Municipal Court
  • Educational Service Center of Central Ohio
  • FINRA (Stock market and investment disputes)
  • Franklin County Auditor
  • Franklin County Municipal Court
  • United States Postal Service